Baby’s first cold

Ahh little miss is absolutely miserable, woke me up in the night with a stuffy nose and was awake for hours. Wee souls nose is absolutely pouring now and she’s feeling so sorry for herself. Wish I could take it away for her. Hopefully we can get through it and make a post about what we found most useful for dealing with the cold.



Does anyone else hate the fact that you download an iPhone app now and it tries to charge you a subscription fee? Downloaded one just there and it came up that it would be £43.99 per week, you can imagine what happened to that app…

Difficult times

As with everything there are good times and really hard ones, for us the most trying times are bedtimes. We have tried a million different ways to get Hannah to sleep at night and even though most nights she now goes down with no problem there are still the bad times where I try everything to get her to sleep, the main problem I have found is that by bedtime, I am tired and David is tired so the little things that we usually check for sometimes get missed. She can be crying and crying and I have no idea why and daddy comes in and picks her up only to realise that she has a huge hard poo or that she is hungry or has wind all while she rubs her eyes and nose and we think that she’s just over tired. I know that most women will say to check the usual things that babies cry about first or maybe their 3 week old has some magical skill of using perfect sign language and they don’t ever get tired themselves but do you know what, I am not perfect, I never claim to be nor will I ever, parenting is so hard and it tests every ounce of patience in your body but once you realise the problem and sort it it makes me feel better again like I actually have a clue what I am doing. We are learning along the way like all new parents do and trying different routines and techniques for settling Hannah but do you know what, two nights are never the same and what works one night probably won’t work the following night so just to put out there that you are not alone.

Love at first sight

I was always one who believed that one day I would meet my prince and it would be like a fairytale, our eyes would meet and we would fall instantly in love. This is not how it happened at least not for me and after a slow burn and a long time of being just friends a spark started and continued to grow into what we have now. Love isn’t a fairytale all of the time but it’s the hard moments that make us stronger.

I do still believe in love at first sight because even though I didn’t experience it with David, the love of my life, I found it in the eyes of my daughter, Hannah.

Just say no

Sometimes after you have a baby there are people who are very excited about this new addition to the family however sometimes there are a few who just take it a little too far. This can be friends or even family who seem to think that they have a right to see that baby that really has nothing to do with them, this happened to me and I want others to know that no matter who they think they are or no matter how close you are this time is about you, your partner and your new baby.

Interfering is always difficult to deal with and 7 months on I have only just managed to deal with it in my case, it’s hard to tell someone that you just want time alone especially when you know that they just want to get to know your baby too but I want you all to remember that this is YOUR baby and it takes a long time for some mummy’s and daddy’s to grow that bond and adjust to having another little person around especially with baby number one.

Please don’t do what I did and let family pressure you into visits the first few weeks after baby is born, it’s not the right thing to do for you, your partner or your baby. Try to think about the three of you as a unit and work things out with you three before letting others in too. Friendly advice is very different to what I am talking about, a phone call here and there or a text is enough for some people to feel involved however it’s the ones who think they have a right to be there all the time and claim that they are hurt that you did baby’s first bath etc without them being there.

These special moments are for you and your partner to share and cherish for the rest of your lives and it really is those little moments that I look back on the most and smile.

Another thing to note is that it doesn’t matter who visits first or who bought the most expensive item for the baby it matters more about who was there for a chat when you need it or when baby won’t settle and you need advice and they give it willingly and don’t pressure you for a visit, it’s the people who offer to bring you food but don’t feel like they are entitled to a cuddle with the baby while you eat that I appreciated the most and it actually made me more open to having those people there to help when things did get overwhelming.

Please all of you out there reading this who haven’t had their babies yet remember that your new little family is the most important and these are the special moments for you all to make together and not for anyone else to interfere in.